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Grade 70 Transport Chain

G70 transport chain gives the benefits of cleanliness, lightweight, strength and reliability therefore making it ideal for tie-down applications for the transport and shipping industries.


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FROM 1/4" to 1/2"


G70 Transport

Surface Treatment

Yellow Chromated Zinc Plated Finish


Yellow Gold G70 Transport Chain

G70 Transport Chain

The G70 transport chain gives the benefits of cleanliness, lightweight, strength, and reliability, making it ideal for tie-down applications for the transport and shipping industries. The G70 chain is available from 6 to 13mm and has a gold zinc finish. Available in 50kg pails, 500kg drums, and cut lengths on request.

The lashing chain is made from high tensile grade 70 steel and electroplated with a gold passivated finish to ensure resistance to oxidation and rust, extending the file of the product. Specifically designed and tested for low-stretch characteristics and durability to suit the rigorous requirements of the transport and shipping industries.


Our bulk drums of Grade 70 transport chain are perfect for DIY chain kits and for use in heavy-duty load restraint applications such as:

Steel products and pipes.

Tree logs and concrete prefab sheets.

Machinery and equipement.

All G70 lashing chains comply with AS/NZS 4344:2001 and are stamped at least every 500mm with their lashing capacity. Batch test certificate available upon request.

Custom options are also available upon request, different lengths can be supplied or other fittings, like plain grab hooks or claw hooks.


1/4-in.400-ft.length Weight:262lbs./119.56kg
5/16-in.400-ft.length Weight:408lbs./183kg.
3/8-in.200-ft.length Weight:248lbs./129.32kg
1/2-in.100-ft.length Weight:251lbs./108kg

The heavy-duty grade 70 transport chain is made of heat-treated steel. In industries with high loads, transport chains are stronger than tie-up belts.
It can be used with a clevis hook or alone. Designed for use in cargo securement, towing, and logging applications.

Raw materials of our products are made of high-quality steel that meets the standards, and the raw materials are traceable. And multiple production lines and machines minimize lead times for rigging and lifting equipment. 
Raw Material
Cast Process
Chain Process
Chain Machine
Heat Treatment Plant
Heat Treatment
Powder Plastified Plant
Powder Plastified
Package Plant
Warehouse Plant
With eight automatic forging and semi-automatic forging line of up to 1600ton press machines and specialized drillng, tapping, heat treatment and inspection equipment. Strict and standardized production process ensures you receive perfect products.
All rigging and lifting products are subjected to strict working tension and breaking the tension test. Complied with ISO9001 and CE certification. Our promise to you: Guaranteed safety at work for people and materials.
G70 Chain Test
Chain Test
Clamp Test
Clamp Test
Hook Test
Hook Test
Link Test
Link Test
Shackle Tension Test
Shackle Tension Test
Snap Hook Test
Snap Hook Test

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