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Custom Packaging & Shipping

Custom Packaging & Shipping

Branded Labeling & Packaging


Branded Labeling & Packaging

Custom labels can improve your efficiency in picking and packaging, while promoting your company’s visibility through custom labels.


Flexible Shipping Options

We have several shipping options available including rush shipping, coordinated shipping, pre-pay and add.

Short Lead Times

Short Lead Times

In-house manufacturing and large inventories of product equal shorter lead times.


Our system allows real-time orders and information to be sent directly to our warehouse. For all orders entered before 12:00 noon Beijing time on the same day, any in-stock product can be locked in stock and scheduled for delivery.


We encourage our customers to work with us to establish purchasing agreements based on gross product forecasts. In order to keep the products you need in stock, so we can keep the required minimum stock in our warehouse. Then, we can lock the required inventory and arrange delivery immediately after ordering the goods, so as to meet your needs to the greatest extent and improve work efficiency. This is a win-win for each of us.


Manageable Package Sizes

Made-to-order pack sizes Improve inventory control and fit within your storage space constraints.

Package Options

*Master Packs, Private Brand Labeling and Custom pacakge are also available.

Standard packaging applies to all products. Cartons and reels are usually packed on wooden or iron pallets. Typically, both the carton and the reel are double-packed in the “primary package” to provide extra protection for the merchandise and prevent damage during shipping by sea or air. Continuous lengths of products such as chains need to be packed in bulk in loading containers such as drums or pallet boxes.

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