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How to Measure a Turnbuckle Size?

How to Measure a Turnbuckle Size?

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A turnbuckle consists of two threaded rods, each equipped with an eye, hook, or jaw at its end. When installing a structure, accurately measuring the turnbuckle’s dimensions is crucial.

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US Type Drop Forged Hook And Hook Turnbuckle Sizes

The Steps for Measuring The Size of a Turnbuckle:

1. Rotate the center frame (tightening device) clockwise so that both threaded rods pass through it until the ends of the threaded rods make full contact, ensuring that the turnbuckle is completely closed.

2. Use a caliper to measure the diameter of the threaded rod. Place the caliper just above the first thread near the eye, hook, or jaw, ensuring that it does not touch the threads themselves or is too far away to ensure an accurate measurement. Record this measurement as “A.”

3. Use a ruler to measure the length inside the tightening device. The tightening device tightens or loosens by rotating. The internal frame forms a rectangular shape through which you can see the threaded rods. Measure the distance between the connected ends of the internal frame and label it as “BB.”

4. Find the relevant entries on the turnbuckle load table that match the measurements of A (thread diameter) and BB (tightening length). This will provide you with the size of the turnbuckle and its load-carrying capacity. Each turnbuckle size corresponds to a unique load-carrying capacity, and the thread diameter and tightening length combination in the load capacity table is distinct, with no identical combinations.

Measure overall length:

  • Ensure that you fully lengthen the turnbuckle to its maximum extent.
  • Determine the overall length by measuring the distance between the center of the end fittings.

Measure the Thread Diameter:

  • Utilizing a caliper or measuring tape, determine the precise measurement of the threaded section on the turnbuckle body’s circumference.
  • Ensure to measure the threads at their broadest point to obtain an accurate measurement.

Identify the dimensions of the end fittings:

  • Determine the inner diameter of the hooks, eyes, or jaws found on the terminal fittings of the turnbuckle.
  • To determine the measurement for hooks, ascertain the gap or spacing between the inner edges of the respective hook components.
  • To determine the eye measurement, ascertain the span between the innermost boundaries of the eyes.
  • To determine the measurement for the jaws, gauge the space between the inner edges of the jaws.

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