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DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle

The DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle is a versatile and durable hardware tool for tensioning and adjusting wire ropes, cables, and other systems. It consists of a hook on one end and an eye on the other, connected by a threaded rod. This turnbuckle is made according to the DIN 1480 standard, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.


Additional information


DIN 1480 Type


Carbon Steel


From 5mm to 36mm

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanized, Electro Galvanized

Production Process

Drop forged


Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing


DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle Specifications:

MOQ1 Pallet, 1 Ton or 3000USD
MaterialCarbon Steel
Surface FinishHot dip galvanized, Electro Galvanized
SizesFrom 5mm to 36mm
Technique ProcedureDrop forged
Safety Factor5 : 1 or N/A
HS code732690

DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle Sizes:

DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle Sizes

DIN 1480 Hook And Eye Turnbuckle Sizes
Size (a) (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)


Key features:

A DIN 1480 Hook and Eye Turnbuckle is a mechanical device used for tensioning and adjusting the length of cables, wires, ropes, and other tension members. It consists of two threaded components – a hook at one end and an eye at the other, connected by a threaded rod. The hook and eye allow for easy attachment and detachment of the turnbuckle from the tension member. The threaded rod can be rotated to increase or decrease the tension in the system, making it an ideal tool for various applications requiring precise tension control.

Features: – Made from high-grade steel for strength and durability – Zinc-plated finish for corrosion resistance – Easy to install and adjust tension – Suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, marine, and industrial use Benefits: – Provides a secure and adjustable connection for wire ropes and cables – Helps maintain proper tension and prevent sagging or stretching – Allows for easy tightening or loosening of tension as needed – Ensures safety and stability in various tensioning systems.

To fully understand the functionality of a DIN 1480 Hook and Eye Turnbuckle, let’s take a closer look at its main components:

  1. **Hook**: The hook is attached to one end of the turnbuckle and is used to secure the tension member. It is typically designed with a wide opening and a curved shape to provide a secure grip on the tension member. The hook may also have a latch or safety catch to prevent accidental disengagement.
  2. **Eye**: The eye is located at the opposite end of the turnbuckle and serves as the point of attachment for the tension member. It is usually circular or oval-shaped, providing a smooth surface for easy connection. The eye may have a hole or slot to accommodate various types of connectors, such as shackles or bolts.
  3. **Threaded Rod**: The threaded rod is the central component of the turnbuckle and allows for tension adjustment. It is a long, cylindrical rod with external threads along its length. By rotating the rod clockwise or counterclockwise, the tension in the system can be increased or decreased, respectively. The threaded rod is usually fitted with a hexagonal or square head to facilitate easy rotation with a wrench or spanner.
  4. **Locking Nuts**: Some DIN 1480 Hook and Eye Turnbuckles may come with locking nuts. These nuts are threaded onto the ends of the turnbuckle and can be tightened against the hook and eye to prevent unintentional rotation or loosening of the threaded rod. Locking nuts provide an additional level of security and stability, particularly in applications where vibrations or dynamic loads are present.
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