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HSZ-C Chain Hoist

The main parts of HSZ-C type chain hoist are made of high-quality steel.It is the product of our company’s HSZ-type chain hoist and the world’s advanced technology.


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Alloy steel,hot-treatment




The main parts of HSZ-C type chain hoist are made of high-quality steel. It is the product of our company’s HSZ-type chain hoist and the world’s advanced technology. It is a kind of small hand pull, high safety factor and beautiful appearance. The more practical hand chain hoist. The chain uses 800MPA high-strength lifting chain, high-strength foot hook, and advanced alloy material.
HSZ-C type chain hoist has the following characteristics in design and use performance: safe and reliable, durable, good performance, easy maintenance, small size, light weight, easy to carry, small hand pull force, high efficiency, advanced structure and beautiful appearance. .
HSZ-C type chain hoist weight: 0.5 tons 20 tons. The HSZ-C standard has a lifting height of 2.5M-3M.
The chain of hoist chain is black or galvanized, not ordinary rolling. The process of boiling black adds strength to the chain, and galvanizing is for aesthetics and rust prevention. The chain hoist can also be made into a hook frame and the surface is smoother.
Hand hoist use rules:
overload use is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to operate with power other than manpower. Before use, the machine must be in good condition, the transmission part and the lifting chain are well lubricated, and the idling condition is normal. Check whether the upper and lower hooks are hung before lifting. Do not carry heavy objects on the tip and other wrong operations.

HSZ-C type chain hoist

model HSZ-C 1/2 HSZ-C 1 HSZ-C1 1/2 HSZ-C2 HSZ-C 3 HSZ-C 5 HSZ-C 10 HSZ-C 20
Lifting weight (tons) 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 20
Standard lifting height (m) 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 3 3 3 3
Test load (tons) 0.75 1.5 2.25 3 4.5 7.5 12.5 25
Minimum distance between two hooks (mm) 255 306 368 444 486 616 700 1000
Bracelet pull at full load (Newton) 221 304 343 341 343 383 392 392
Lifting chain number 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 8
Lifting chain round steel diameter (mm) 6 6 8 6 8 10 10 10
Main size (mm) A 125 147 183 147 183 215 360.5 585
B 111 126 141 126 141 163 163 191


Raw materials of our products are made of high-quality steel that meets the standards, and the raw materials are traceable. And multiple production lines and machines minimize lead times for rigging and lifting equipment. 
Raw Material
Cast Process
Chain Process
Chain Machine
Heat Treatment Plant
Heat Treatment
Powder Plastified Plant
Powder Plastified
Package Plant
Warehouse Plant
With eight automatic forging and semi-automatic forging line of up to 1600ton press machines and specialized drillng, tapping, heat treatment and inspection equipment. Strict and standardized production process ensures you receive perfect products.
All rigging and lifting products are subjected to strict working tension and breaking the tension test. Complied with ISO9001 and CE certification. Our promise to you: Guaranteed safety at work for people and materials.
G70 Chain Test
Chain Test
Clamp Test
Clamp Test
Hook Test
Hook Test
Link Test
Link Test
Shackle Tension Test
Shackle Tension Test
Snap Hook Test
Snap Hook Test

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