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G80 Swivel Self-locking Hook Specifications:

MOQ1 Pallet, 1 Ton or 3000USD
MaterialAlloy Steel
Surface FinishPowder plasticized
SizesFrom 6mm to 32mm
Technique ProcedureDrop forged
Safety Factor4:1
HS code732690

G80 Swivel Self-locking Hook Sizes:

G80 Swivel Self-locking Hook Sizes

G80 Swivel Self-locking Hook Sizes
SizeWeight (kg)W.L.L (t)Dimension (mm)

G80 Swivel Self-locking Hook

Swivel Self-locking Hook

All Grade 8 lifting components sold by UU LIFTING comply fully with the relevant section of EN1677, they are forged from alloy steel, they are crack detected following heat treatment and finally proof tested to 2.5 times working load. The full compliance of these components means that they can be used in chain slings certified to EN 818-4, for use in a temperature range of -40°C up to 200°C without reduction in working load limit.

Swivel self locking eye hooks are an important inclusion in our chain components range. This type of lifting equipment is ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries where heavy lifting is required and safety is paramount. The eye self locking swivel hooks are extremely safe because of the self closing latch and the way the hook is constructed prevents the hook from opening when under load. The swivel allows the hook to be positioned before loading for ease of use. These chain components are designed with tough environments and working conditions in mind and reduce the risk of injury or worse.

The G80 Swivel self locking hook is made of high-quality alloy steel. Designed for lifting equipment operation and use with G80 alloy chain or other g80 chain connector.Specially manufactured by forging and other techniques and surface treatment, the hook has the characteristics of high strength, exquisite appearance, easy to use but durable. It can be used as an accessory for lifting or as a trailer accessory.It can used on Heavy Industry, Mining, Water Treatment, Healthcare, Retail Industry, Food & Beverage, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Automotive Industry.

Raw materials of our products are made of high-quality steel that meets the standards, and the raw materials are traceable. And multiple production lines and machines minimize lead times for rigging and lifting equipment. 
Raw Material
Cast Process
Chain Process
Chain Machine
Heat Treatment Plant
Heat Treatment
Powder Plastified Plant
Powder Plastified
Package Plant
Warehouse Plant
With eight automatic forging and semi-automatic forging line of up to 1600ton press machines and specialized drillng, tapping, heat treatment and inspection equipment. Strict and standardized production process ensures you receive perfect products.
All rigging and lifting products are subjected to strict working tension and breaking the tension test. Complied with ISO9001 and CE certification. Our promise to you: Guaranteed safety at work for people and materials.
G70 Chain Test
Chain Test
Clamp Test
Clamp Test
Hook Test
Hook Test
Link Test
Link Test
Shackle Tension Test
Shackle Tension Test
Snap Hook Test
Snap Hook Test

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