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Galvanized Shackle

Galvanized Shackle

Galvanized Shackles
Galvanized Shackle

Galvanized shackles are a layer of zinc oxide on the surface of the shackle to prevent rust and corrosion. They are usually used in harsh environments. If it needs to be used in the ocean, it is necessary to use a higher level of anti-corrosion-type shackles, such as stainless steel shackles.

Types of Galvanized Shackle

Galvanized shackles include anchor shackles and chain shackles, which are US-type forged shackles. Commercial types of JIS shackles and European shackles are also available. The galvanizing of US-type forged shackles can be electro-galvanized, and hot-dip galvanized for lifting use. JIS and European-type shackles can be used for electricity, etc., but cannot be used for lifting.

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