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Screw Pin Shackle

Screw Pin Shackles

Screw Pin Shackles
Screw Pin Shackles

Screw pin shackles use screw pins without safety wire. This design is for easy connection and use. You only need to rotate the screw pin. This kind of shackle is a good choice for temporary lifting work.

Types of Screw Pin Shackles

The types of screw pin shackles are screw pin bow shackles and screw pin d shackles.

Precautions for Use

If it is used for a long time, it is not recommended to use screw pin shackles because long-term use will easily cause the screw pin to fall off, causing accidents and dangers and causing irreparable losses.

Here also need to pay attention every time you use it. You must strictly check whether the screw pin is firmly installed. If it is loose, you need to rotate and tighten it again in time.

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